I’m a Teacher

Not a Babysitter

Songs that Honor the Work of Early Childhood Providers


Stuart Stotts has worked with young children in child-care centers, schools, camps, and community events since 1986. His performances are filled with humor, movement, sensitivity, and lots of participation.

Stuart leads a choir at the WECA conference.


Stuart is a popular keynote presenter and workshop leader at conferences and trainings for child care providers around the country. He believes that singing together is joyful and transformative. His recordings are used by teachers throughout the country, and his songs are sung by kids around the world.

Stuart tailors each presentation to the interests and needs of the audience. Three titles provide themes for his work. Each can be adapted to keynote presentations or longer, smaller training sessions, which can run from 45 minutes to 6 hours. All of Stuart’s presentations are active, filled with humor, and directly relevant to how we spend our days with young children.

  1. 1.Everybody Started Out Small - Music is an ideal and joyful way to build upon what we know about brain development in young children. This presentation includes songs, an overview of current brain research, and the opportunity to participate and reflect.

  1. 2.I’m a Teacher Not a Babysitter - In 2008, Stuart worked with the Wisconsin Early Childhood Association to create over ten songs that celebrate child care providers. These songs reinforce the importance of the work, with humorous stories and poignant images that will inspire a new commitment and a new appreciation for your job! For extra energy and inspiration, Stuart can add a workshop to create a conference choir to accompany him at a keynote.

  1. 3.Stories in the Circle - Our brains are wired to think in stories. The stories we tell, and how we tell them, play a critical and joyful part in raising healthy and strong children.

  1. 4.With Tom Pease - Stuart also presents keynotes and workshops with his friend and fellow performer Tom Pease. Ask about bringing them together.


Stuart Stotts, Keynote Presentations

Link to Video of Stuart’s Keynote in Kuala Lumpur

“The evaluations overwhelmingly say your Friday keynote was the highlight of the summit for them. Your message really struck a chord with our members and attendees.”
Terry Casey, Pennsylvania Child Care Association